Public consultation on PEFC ST 1003:2010, Appendix 2: Additional interpretation and requirements for tropical natural forests

Over the past three years the PEFC Revision Working Group has revised PEFC's requirements for sustainable forest management (PEFC ST 1003:2010, Sustainable Forest Management - Requirements) which were approved in November 2010.

PEFC ST 1003:2010 is a "Meta-standard" against which the forest management standards of independent PEFC forest certification schemes are measured. As the overarching principles for sustainable forest management are similar across all types of forest  PEFC ST 1003:2010 can be used for the assessment of forest management standards applicable to all types of forests.

However, due to the complexity of tropical natural forests and their special environmental and socio-economic importance at local, national and international levels, PEFC decided to develop an appendix to PEFC ST 1003, defining additional requirements and interpretations for forest management standards applicable for natural tropical forests.

The PEFC Revision Working Group has developed an enquiry draft of this appendix, i.e. Appendix 2 to PEFC ST 1003:2010, which is now subject to public consultation for 60 days until 27th November 2011. All comments are welcome and will be considered in the further development of the document. 

For a quick overview on the draft of Appendix 2, it is recommended to use the PDF file below, which contains only the additional interpretations and requirements for tropical natural forest management standards over and above PEFC ST 1003:2010.

In order to provide feedback and submit comments please click either on the link next to the book icon below, or click on "Respond by making comments against the consultation document." This will allow you to comment on all requirements of PEFC ST 1003:2010, including those for which an additional requirement is not defined in the current draft version of Appendix 2.

This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    28 Sep 2011 at 00:00
  • Closed
    27 Nov 2011 at 23:59


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