Public consultation on Enquiry Drafts of revised PEFC International Standards for Chain of Custody and Trademark Rules

ED PEFC ST 2002:201X, Chain of Custody of Forest and Tree Based Products - Requirements

7 Due Diligence System (DDS) requirements

7.1 General

7.1.1 For all material used as input for a PEFC chain of custody product group, except recycled material, the organisation shall exercise due diligence in line with the PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS) for the Avoidance of Material from Controversial Sources laid down in Appendix 1 of this standard. Thereby the organisation shall establish that for material used as input for PEFC product groups there is “negligible risk” that it originates from controversial sources and that it meets the definition of PEFC Controlled Material.

7.1.2 For product groups where only input material is used which was delivered with a PEFC claim by a supplier covered by a PEFC recognised certificate, an organisation can implement the PEFC DDS by meeting the following requirements:

a) Upon request by customers and PEFC certified organisations further down the supply chain the organisation shall provide the information specified in Appendix 1, 2.1[1] for material passed on with a PEFC claim. If the organisation does not possess the requested information, the request shall be passed on to relevant supplier(s) of the organisation. (Appendix 1, 2.2),


[1] Appendix 1, 2.1: The PEFC DDS is based on information provided by the supplier. The organisation shall have access to the following information:

  1. identification of the material/product, including its trade name and type;
  2. identification of tree species included , or list of tree species potentially included, in the material/product by their common name and/or their scientific name where applicable;
  3. country of harvest of the material and where applicable sub-national region and/or concession of harvest.

Note 1: Access to the scientific name of species is required in cases where the usage of a common name could pose a risk of wrong identification of the species.

Note 2: Usage of a trade name of species is considered as equivalent to the common name in cases where all species covered by the trade name have an equivalent risk of originating in controversial sources.

Note 3: Access to the sub-national level of the material origin is required in cases where sub-national regions within one country do not represent an equivalent risk relating to the controversial sources.

Note 4: The term concession of harvest means a long – term and exclusive contract for harvest on defined geographical area of the publicly owned forests.

Note 5: The term “country/region” is further used throughout this clause to identify a country, a sub-national region or a concession of harvest of the material/product origin.

b) Where internal or external substantiated concerns on the origin of input material from controversial sources are raised, the organisation shall follow up on these concerns in compliance with Appendix 1, 4.5.