PEFC ST 1003:201X, Enquiry Draft, Sustainable Forest Management – Requirements

4. Context of the national standard and the organisations applying a PEFC endorsed standard

4.1 General

The requirements for sustainable forest management defined by regional, national or sub-national forest management standards shall:

a) include management and performance requirements that are applicable at the forest management unit level, or at another level as appropriate, to ensure that the intent of all requirements is achieved at the forest management unit level;

NOTE     An example of a situation where a requirement can be defined as being at other than forest management unit level (e.g. group/regional) is monitoring of forest health. Through monitoring of forest health at regional level and communicating of results at the FMU level the objective of the requirement is met without the necessity to carry out the individual monitoring of each forest management unit.

b) be clear, performance based and auditable;

c) apply to activities of all forest operators in the defined forest area who have an impact on achieving compliance with the requirements;

d) require record-keeping that provides evidence of compliance with the requirements of the forest management standards;

e) specify “100% PEFC certified” or another scheme specific claim as claim to be used to communicate the origin of products in an area covered by the standard to customers with a PEFC chain of custody;

NOTE: Scheme specific claims of PEFC endorsed standards and PEFC Council approved abbreviations of such claims and the claim “100% PEFC certified”, and their translations into languages other than English, are published online on the PEFC website

f) require that where owners/managers of forests are selling products from areas other than covered by the standard, only products from areas covered by the standard are sold with the claim “100% PEFC certified” or a scheme specific claim;

g) require that claims on the origin of products in an area covered by the standard are only made by forest owners/managers covered by a PEFC recognised certificate issued against the standard;

h) include an overview of applicable legislation if requirements of this benchmark are not reflected in the regional, national or sub-national standard, because they are already addressed through the legislation.

4.2       Understanding the needs and expectations of affected stakeholders

The standard requires that the organisation shall determine:

a) the affected stakeholders that are relevant to the sustainable forest management;

b) the relevant needs and expectations of these stakeholders.

4.3       Determining the scope of the sustainable forest management system

4.3.1     The standard requires that the organisation shall determine the boundaries and applicability of the management system to establish its scope.

4.3.2     The standard requires that forest management shall comprise the cycle of inventory and planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and shall include an appropriate assessment of the social, environmental and economic impacts of forest management practices. This shall form a basis for a cycle of continuous improvement.